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Osteopathy is a hands on approach to healthcare. It recognises the important link between the structures of the body and the way it works.

Osteopathy is an extremely effective form of manual medicine that aims to restore the body’s musculoskeletal system to a state of balance.

Osteopaths commonly treat pain and dysfunction of the spine and body, achieving great results via a hands on holistic approach.

The cause of pain is sought after and treated accordingly, rather than treating the site of symptoms.

Osteopathic treatment is generally very gentle, and uses a wide range of techniques that are considered extremely safe. These include gentle joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation, trigger point treatment, myofascial stretching and soft tissue massage.

The World Health Organisation recognises the Osteopathic concept of somatic dysfunction (soma=body) as scientifically proven.

Osteopathy is widely recognised worldwide as one of the most scientifically proven and effective ‘complementary’ therapies.