Did you know headache is one of the most common health-related conditions in Australia? Headache is best defined as a pain arising from the head or upper neck of the body. Headache pain may be a dull ache, sharp, throbbing, constant, mild, or intense.

Causes of headache can include stress, poor posture, medications, jaw imbalance, teeth grinding, illnesses of the eye, eye strain, ear, nose and throat, diet, allergies and food intolerances.

People of any age can be affected by a headache, however people between the ages of 25 and 44 years are more likely to report suffering a headache.

Headache can be classified into two broad categories: primary and secondary.

Primary headache include cluster and tension headaches.

Secondary headaches are triggered by an underlying disorder – such as infection, injury or a tumour – they are a side effect of the main illness.

Tension headache is the most common type of headache.

Your osteopath can help to improve your general mobility, improve the mobility of your ribs and thoracic and cervical spine, reduce muscular tension, nerve compression and inflammation, improve blood supply and drainage to and from the head and neck and advise on posture, exercise and stretching to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms.

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