7 dietary tips

7 dietary tips

Looking for some dietary tips to help you kick start spring?

We have hit spring and lately in the clinic we have had patients coming in with the goal of wanting to lose weight, and asking our advice from our opinion on fad diets to rapid weight loss shake diets.

My honest opinion on all of this is that weight loss is truly as simple as energy put in your body, is energy that needs to be burnt, and the more energy you burn to what you have consumed then you will get weight loss. So I thought I would give some useful dietary advice:

1. Portion control: instead of the main dinner plate full with food, downsize to a dessert plate and fill that up instead

2. Keep fruit/ healthy snacks nearby for when you get that sugar/chocolate craving

3. Increase your protein intake as protein helps with the feeling of being full

4. Drink more water; if you find your getting sick of drinking water then add a lemon to it

5. Increase your exercise activity: such as going for a walk each day or park your car 5 minutes away from the shops

6. Download a fitness app: a great one is “My Fitness Pal” to set your daily goal calorie intake

7. Planning meals: is one of the most important habits to get into when attempting to lose weight, as planning meals allows you to minimise the chance of consuming extra unplanned calories.

One thing to always remember that the longer you have carried the weight the longer it will take to get off. Unfortunately, this does not happen overnight. Research also shows the quicker you lose the weight the more likely you are to put it back on once you stop that fad diet. Weight loss is a lifestyle change you have to make to maintain that healthy weight.

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