How to Stay Healthy this Winter

How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Winter comes and goes every year and before we know it we’ve been struck with a nasty cold or flu. This can often leave us not feeling our best for over a week. Personally, this is too much time to be out of action, and feeling our best should be our number 1 priority. It’s important to stay healthy!

We’ve got some great tips that you can use daily to beat that winter flu & stay healthy.

  1. Stay hydrated– although it isn’t as warm and we may not be exercising as much in the winter months our body still needs water. As the heater temperature increases it dehydrates our bodies. Ensure you’re drinking 2-3 litres of filtered water daily.
  2. Eat more greens– we all want to eat warm heartier foods in the winter months and we tend to avoid the lighter salads. In saying this we still need to keep our daily intake high. If you’re making lots of soups and avoiding salads incorporate lots of green vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, silverbeet, and cauliflower into your soup. If you really struggle to get in your veggies try adding a greens powder to your daily routine. Just a teaspoon in the morning with water can help add those extra greens into your diet.
  3. Get enough sleep- it really speaks for itself but when we don’t get enough sleep our immune system suffers greatly. Leaving us more susceptible to picking up colds.
  4. Drink bone broth- whenever we get sick we used to drink chicken soup. Right?  My grandma certainly always makes me soup when I’m sick and it is the best. This is because bone broth has so many healing properties. It provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals and immune-boosting properties. We recommend making a big batch of it once a week. You can add it as stock when you make soups, very simple and inexpensive.
  5. Change up your morning routine- a great morning routine we love to do is adding apple cider vinegar, fresh grated ginger, and lemon with hot water. I drink this every morning without fail and it gets my digestion moving, is so fresh and healthy.

Ginger Tea - Stay Healthy

Just 5 easy tips you can add into your daily/weekly routine. No one likes getting sick and these are so simple to do!