Breastfeeding and Osteopathy

Breastfeeding and Osteopathy

This week is world breast feeding week. So we thought it would be appropriate to discuss the benefits of osteopathy and breast feeding. The most common issue breast feeding mothers present with at Complete Healthcare Sunbury is back pain. This is mainly due to poor posture while breast feeding.

Below are some tips to help with your posture while breast feeding.

-Have a chair with arm rests to help ensure a neutral position

-The pelvis and spine should be in a neutral position.

-Feet should be flat on the ground if they don’t reach the ground then a foot stool should be used. Hips and knees should be no greater then 90 degrees.

-Body weight should be on your pelvis

-Place a pillow or a rolled up towel in the curve of your lower back for support.

-Lean your upper back into the chair and allow your shoulders to drop and roll your chin to your chest.

-Sitting in a neutral position increases the distance between the baby and the mother so a pillow may be required to bring the baby towards the mother

A little further adjustment may be required if the mothers breast need further support this can be done by rolling up a small towel or blanket and gently wedging it underneath the breast.