Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Recently was Men’s Health Week and our Dr. Martin Mamo did a great piece on men’s health checks.

Recently was men’s health week and one thing most men do is ignore their health or follow the myth that they only needing to do a full medical checkup once they reach 50. In fact most men should be having regular checkups from their twenties onwards.
In the end the best way to explain this to males is that we get our cars services regularly by the mechanic, and our bodies are the same they need regular checkups.

So below I have put together a medical timeline that show what men need to be doing in certain age brackets in order to keep their bodies finely tuned.

20’s and 30’s

Yearly Medical exam by your G.P, including blood pressure, and height/weight checks screening for testicular cancer, including monthly self-exams, and cholesterol and if there are any family history or history of predisposing risk factors your G.P will also check for heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, liver disease, anemia and any cancers which have a family history. Mental health assessment and musculoskeletal and strength and conditioning assessment.


Same yearly examination as in your 20’s and 30’s plus screening for prostate cancer, diabetes screening every 3 years once the age of 45 and heart disease.

Same screening as in your 20’s and 30’s and 40’s plus annual screening for type II diabetes, skin cancer screen, cardiac heart disease screen.
Vision and hearing examinations, test for prostate cancer, colon cancer.

60’s and 70’s
Same screening as when in your 50’s plus testing for alzheimer’s and dementia, aortic aneurysm and check the carotids arteries for blood flow, and test for osteoporosis.

So if you have not had your general health checkup lately book in with your local G.P. to get one done, to keep your body running at its optimum.

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