The Importance of Strength Training

The Importance of Strength Training

Strength training is essential to good health & fitness. As we’re have finished the Active April campaign we hope that you have ramped up your physical activity routines and have made great habits that you will incorporate into your everyday life. We know that exercising has so many important benefits for our body and of course our mind. We have spoken about high-intensity training and how it can increase your metabolism, help fat loss and improve endurance. Another type of activity we love is strength training. The importance of strength training is often underrated.

Strength training is important for our muscles and bones, can help with anxiety and depression and a huge benefit is the prevention of injury. Strength building activities are those that put weight on your muscles, causing them to break down and rebuild themselves stronger. This is stuff like weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, rock climbing, or just lifting heavy things.

Strength training is an all-round good bet. It will help you lose weight if you want to do that. It will help you gain weight as healthy muscle if you want to do that. It will help you look toned and fit. It will make you feel powerful and strong like you can kick serious butt and achieve anything you ever wanted.

Strength training also has a huge emphasis on injury prevention. Whether you’re a professional athlete, student, office worker or just engage in leisurely activity. Strength training can help improve posture, help with stability; in particular back and knees, which seem to be problem areas. Strength training can help everyday activities become easier.

If you’re a beginner to strength training or getting into the gym make sure you start slowly. There is so much information out there, and a lot of it is complicated and not so beginner-friendly. You do not have to start in the gym if you don’t want to, you don’t have to do some fancy workout, or do something so difficult that you want to give up within 5 minutes.

When you’re a beginner just keep it simple, keep it short, and get it done. Within a few weeks, you’ll gain more confidence and be ready to take on more of a challenge both mentally and physically. If you’re starting at a gym make sure you speak to a trainer first to help set you up with a program, and ensure you’re not pushing yourself too much. Remember its main aim is about injury prevention!

Importance of Strength Training