Tips to reduce stress in our daily lives

Tips to reduce stress in our daily lives

Daily life stresses can really get us down and make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. But there are still steps we can take to reduce stress in our daily lives!

1. Go for a walk around the block– just a 30-minute walk is all it takes to lower our stress levels and help bring mental clarity. Even better, walking outside in the sun and getting Vitamin D has been known to help reduce our stress levels, and help those who are depressed or suffer from mental health illness.

2. Make a cup of tea- sounds very simple, but enjoying a cup of your favourite tea, and taking some time out for yourself is enough to bring your stress levels down.

3. Call a friend– calling a friend can work wonders and can help you destress and have a laugh. Never forget the impact a loved one can make in our lives.

4. Exercise and stretch- move and care for your body, it will reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity instantly.

5. Right a stress journal– when you’re feeling like things are getting a bit too much with your stress and daily life. Write down what is worrying or stressing you. By doing this you can pinpoint what is actually causing you the stress in your life and you can put things in place to help reduce it.

Remember to do all things with love and a smile. Be kind to yourself and your body 🙂 If you feel you need someone to call please call Beyond Blue or visit their website at Or else call us here at Complete Health Care Sunbury, and one of our friendly staff is always here to help and listen.

reduce stress in our daily lives