What is that cracking noise?!

What is that cracking noise?!

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is that cracking noise?!” as the joints in your body seem to pop and crack?

What is that cracking noise in my spine?

One of the most common phrases we hear in the clinic when we are taking a patients history is “I’ve been to see another practitioner and they crack my bones back into place” or the other common question we get during a treatment is “are you going to crack my spine back”.
The answer to the above questions is we cannot crack them into place because what usually happens is the joints get stuck and are not moving along their plane of direction and are jammed. So we need to encourage them to move and we do this by creating a cavitation/crack at the jammed joint.

That cavitation/crack is the joint opening up and releasing a gas which causes the crack noise, this in turns helps release the joint that is stuck and also stimulates the nerves, tendons and ligaments sounding the joint. Usually, once a joint has been cavitated it cannot occur again until the gases build up again which usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Therefore also the myth of cracking your joints cause arthritis is a myth as you are not cracking bone it is gas that is escaping causing the crack. However, we do not recommend people forcing a joint to go crack because the more regular they do this it will eventually cause the ligaments to become overstretched and unstable leading to hypermobility of the specific joint.

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